Enhanced Final Design

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FINAL design - A dream to reality?

This is a FIRST!

This video is a Video Game style skate through of the proposed add-on.

In conjunction with the designer Casey McDonald who has reached out to his industry contacts, the Alexandria Skatepark committee can now offer the township and skateboarders alike a close to reality of ‘how’ the skatepark would ‘skate’. A variety of REAL trick were performed on this mock-up of the proposed add-on.

This shows that we on the cutting edge of skatepark design in that we are demonstrating a proposed skatepark with skateboarding clips that have been generated on a video gaming platform.

We believe that this is a first of its kind in that we don’t think anyone’s ever provided a design that incorporated someone virtually skating it before and showing some of the unique line potentials

Again a  HUGE Thank You to Aleck Rivard for these WICKED renderings of the ‘Add-on’ and to Casey McDonald for the continued initiative.  I am sure we will hear more from Aleck and Casey with this projects.


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